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Kicking ass and taking names

Hey you, online influencer & digital nomad…

Growing an online business is hard work, but the benefits are sweet. You can…

… work anywhere there’s an internet connection. In your pajamas. Or on the beach while sipping wine.

… be there for your kids when they’re sick or on a break from school.

… hire a stellar team located all over the world.

… change lives from the comfort of your home and webcam.

But how are you doing with your business finances?


It’s Just a Matter of time

There are only 24 hours in a day

Despite all the tasks that online business owners outsource, many tend to hang onto taking care of their own books. If you’re in this boat, maybe it was easy enough to manage when you just started out, or perhaps you haven’t found someone who understands online businesses. Which is fine when you’ve just got a few clients and a digital product or two. But when your business becomes more complex because you have:
  • Multiple revenue streams to tend to
  • Affiliates to nurture
  • A team to train and direct
  • And a flood of ideas and less time to create…

… do you really want to do your bookkeeping when you could be taking your family to the movies or riding that wave of inspiration to write that new email funnel?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So, the books don’t get done as often as you like. And it weighs on you. The worst part is, you’d really like to understand what’s happening with the money in your business so you can make good decisions and continue to scale.

The good news is, I got you.


I can help!

Connect with me to learn more about virtual bookkeeping  

Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly financial reports

One-time setup of Quickbooks online

clean up of existing books

catch up to get Books up to date

work with cpa to prepare for taxes

Streamline processes for accurate recordkeeping

consultations to improvE online business processes

more time, more freedom

Life after outsourcing your bookkeeping

When you hand over your bookkeeping, it’s not just time that you’ll be getting back. You’ll be gaining a partner with whom you can discuss your business. With up-to-date financials, your reports – the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows – will give you important insights about your business so you can make informed decisions to increase your profits and  efficiency.

More money

Knowing your money story means you can change it to lower costs and increase income.

less stress

Being in control of your money gives you more head space for creativity and joy.

better relationships

More freedom means more time to nurture the people who matter in your life.

bigger dreams

What do you want for the future? As your business grows, you’ll be able to support bigger dreams! 

About Darlene

I want more for you!

I’ve been a business coach, blogger, and online marketer for a decade, and while I’ve hired virtual assistants to help with certain tasks, I’ve never outsourced my bookkeeping because, well, I kind of enjoy doing it myself! I’d love to take that responsibility off your plate so you can do what gives YOU joy. 
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